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Need antenna alignment tools or monitoring systems? Sunsight Instruments is an industry leader in the development and manufacturing of antenna alignment sensors, monitoring systems and tools. Our products can help you keep your network up and your signal strong.

Antenna Misalignment

Antenna misalignment can be a serious problem, resulting in an immediate loss of revenue and decreased customer satisfaction. Any physical object can interfere with and prevent proper radio frequency (RF) propagation.

For example, large structures and natural features such as mountains, valleys and trees can dramatically interfere with an RF signal. Even the most minor misalignment can cause entire network sectors to drop – and that leads to customer complaints and lost business.

Let Sunsight Instruments help solve your antenna misalignment issues and keep your RF signal strong. We can work with any size network, and the up to the minute alignment data provided by Sunsight Instruments tools can offer an immediate solution to antenna misalignment problems.

Troubleshooting Antenna Alignment

You need precise, non-relative and absolutely traceable alignment data in order to effectively troubleshoot an antenna alignment issue. Sunsight Instruments’ alignment measurement tools provide just the sort of up-to-the-minute alignment data you need to ensure complete network propagation.

Our antenna alignment tools and sensors make troubleshooting faster, cheaper and more effective than the usual alignment troubleshooting methods. For instance, it would take an audit by an entire team of service technicians and engineers doing countless hours of climbing and taking measurements to provide the data that an integrated antenna attitude sensor can give in mere seconds.

Why waste time and manpower? Streamline your antenna alignment troubleshooting with the specialty tools developed by Sunsight Instruments.

Antenna Alignment

Antenna alignment is a constant concern, and can be a difficult process from the initial installation of the antenna and throughout the life of the antenna or antenna array. You know that proper alignment is essential to correct signal propagation and network coverage, but how do you maintain that just-right alignment from the very start?

Sunsight Instruments’ antenna alignment tools and antenna alignment sensors are the answer. Our antenna alignment products ensure that an antenna is aligned and installed to specifications the first time, and provide an immediate update in the event that weather or other environmental factors cause a shift in the antenna alignment.

When integrated with additional tools like a remote electronic tilt device, Sunsight Instruments tools ensure perfect signal propagation at all times. And that means you’ll enjoy the maximum network uptime and a strong RF signal.

CALL US TODAY for a free consultation to discover how antenna alignment tools and sensors from Sunsight Instruments can align with your company!

Antenna Alignment Solutions...


It happens when you least expect it and can go undetected for years. Learn how antenna misalignment leads directly to lost revenue, poor service, and churn in the marketplace.

Troubleshooting Antenna Alignment

Learn how current antenna alignment errors are impacting your networks performance and how Sunsight Instruments can help correct antenna alignment errors in your system.

Antenna Alignment

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